The centre of The Q-Club is Jos Leo's warm, melancholy voice, framework is pop music in every way. Two keyboard players sparingly paint colours, the bass player and from the jazz-scene recruited drummer make a fresh rhythm section.

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Like other clubs there are comfortable Chesterfields, there's a bar and even an air-conditioned closet where cigars are stored. Crystal chandeliers shine softly upon red velvet; the everyday hustle seems far away.

Unlike classic clubs there is a little stage and, situated on a mezzanine, advanced sound recording equipment. Here the members gather to develop their modest and cinematic music.

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Lyrics and Credits on "The Land of Cockaigne"

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Listen to some 'The Land of Cockaigne' tracks:
Mostley Grey
The Land of Cockaigne
Beauty of life

Formerly known as Vitalis (download full cd's for free)

Vitalis - Vitalis (The Q-club was Vitalis before 2003)
awarded with Silver Harp 1996
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Vitalis - Bugs & Boogeymen
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The Q-Club live during Mattijs van Bergen's fashionshow Januari 26 2009

The Q-Club was for the presentation of Mattijs' fashion show 'Blanco' in the Stadschouwburg Amsterdam 26th of Januari 2009. The Q-Club played Britney's 'Born to make you happy' and a new not yet published originally instrumental song 'Horizon' during Mattijs beautiful catwalk show 'Blanco'.

Born To Make You Happy

Lately we seem to have been bombarded by the media reporting on the downfall of Britney Spears. The divorce, loss of custody along with the booze and drugs binges. Can this former teen-star sink any lower?

Dutch alternative Pop Noir band couldn't believe this and have started an investigation. Underneath the thin layer of mainstream pop-music they found real treasure within the music and lyrics showing genuine emotions.

The Q-Club decided to cover the beautiful song 'Born to Make Yu Happy'.
New arrangements in combination with the unique sound of The Q-Club aka The Spears (just for this occasion) have brought the beauty of the original song back to life.

Britney’s songs are suddenly the soundtrack for her classical story of a teen-star not able to cope with the fame. The only thing the guys from The Q-Club can hope is that Britney will soon make a come back as a the artist she once was and of course a Mother.

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Free MP3 from The Spears - 'Born To Make You Happy'
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The Q-club played at VPRO's "De Avonden/The Music Hall".
listen to the show. The Q-Club played:
"Land of Cockaigne", "Prague", "The Sorry Ones","The Lucky Ones", "Fear" and "In love"

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The Q-club is:
Jos Leo - vocals.
JeroenTenty - hammond, Solina String ensemble.
Eric Lensink - electric and acoustic piano's.
Albert Hartwig - bassguitars and bass synthesizers
John de Valk - drums

Guests on our latest album:

Marinet Koeman - Backing vocals
Maaike Veermman - Cello
Tilde Norel - Violin
Frits Landesbergen - Vibraphone
Thijs de Melker - all guitars and mix/coproduction


You can download the "The Land Of Cockaigne"
on I-tunes. Just search for The Q-Club
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